Came: sponsor in the Bowling

Simona Fasol, Sales Executive Came, is an Italian bowling champion.


Simona Fasol, Sales Executive CAME, is an Italian bowling champion.

The ADS Insurbia was created in 2014 by a group fond of bowling and they affiliated to the FISB, the Italian federation of bowling, that is part of the DSA, the sporting disciplines associated with CONI.

Among the members of Insurbia there are athletes who over the years won several gold medals and who qualified for two European Championship (ECC) and one World Cup.

In 2017 others goal have been reached: one bronze medal and one silver medal in the “Coppa del Mediterraneo”, the amazing victory in the Italian Championship for category F2 and the gold medal of the ladies’ team.

The ladies’ team has always been the strength of this ADS. Among its feminine players there are some athletes who are always at the top of the national ranking, indeed over the past few years some of these athletes have been called by the FISB, but now male presence is growing in the ASD Insurbia.

In 2018 there were important changes: the headquarter moved to the Bowling Center of Garbagnate (MI), many athletes have been acquired from the ADS Legion, who practically has been absorbed by the ADS Insurbia. These valid athletes won two bronze medal in the Doubles Italian Tournament, one bronze medal in Singles Women Tournament and one gold medal in the M4 Singles Italian Tournament.